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My latest article: Politicians on Vacation?

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Politicians on Vacation?
By Doug Kellett

With an unusual by-partisan move last week, members of congress from both parties urged a vote allowing drilling along the U.S. coastal area plus within our borders including in Alaska’s wildlife reserve. These politicians have heard loudly from a majority of citizens that drilling is an immediate answer to the problem of rising oil prices and the cost per gallon of gasoline.

While these members, including some democrats, are trying to move forward on this vital issue, the leadership in both the House and the Senate refused to set a vote and even called it quits and headed home.

So, while you and I continue to watch record costs for a barrel of oil and ever increasing gasoline prices, those who could make a difference decided to go on vacation. A democratic leadership controlled by a vast liberal environmental lobby closed its ears once again to the will of the American public. Hopefully, the public will respond when votes are counted this November.

It is striking that while some democrats are pleading with their leadership for a vote on oil drilling, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi refuse an open debate. Who are the obstructionists here? The primary step for less dependence of middle eastern oil is to obtain oil that exists here. Even those democrats who sided with republicans realize that China is drilling off the coast of Florida and restricting American companies to do so is ridiculous. However, not the leadership of Congress where all we hear is we need more windmill technology and alternative energy sources.

Just this week, the Democrat Presidential nominee Barack Obama suggested Americans should “inflate tires” to help with rising gas prices. That is the type of vision leading our Congress but hopefully will not be leading the nation come 2009.

Obama has further suggested we need higher taxes on the oil companies as if this would help reverse the direction of higher prices.

I can’t help but think I am watching one of those “rewind” segments on VH-1 or some music channel. We have gone back to the 70s where higher taxes and price controls are the answer. This type of vision from democratic politicians stymied the economy and expedited a decline in American industrial might to the point of near collapse. Only an actor-turned-Governor of California was able to correct it.

We are at the same crossroads today as in the late 1970s. Similar issues are at play including our dependence on oil that we get from mostly our enemies. The answer centers on freeing the oil companies and not punishing them. We should also free ourselves and not restrict from the American people the natural resources key to our standard of living and way of life.

Make no mistake about it, our standard of living and way of life is at stake in this coming election. Decisions over the next couple of years by those in elected-leadership will impact our economy and availability of energy supply. Consider this as you “inflate your tires” before you vote in November. Voting is our only course of action and we, unlike Congress, can’t afford to take a vacation.