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January 26, 2009

My latest column soon to be posted at

By Doug Kellett

It did not take long for President Barack Obama to sign a number of executive orders once he assumed office. Among those was an order to close down the prison at Guantanamo where terrorists are being held.

The new President also banned “aggressive investigative techniques” as part of an order. That is, except, when it is absolutely necessary.

Some are calling that the “Jack Bauer clause” after the lead character on the TV show 24 who heads a counterterrorism unit and often uses such techniques to get the information he wants.

By providing the exception, Obama has done nothing but quieted liberals who are clamoring for the closing of Gitmo, while leaving it open and allowing interrogators to do what they must do.

Perhaps, the President’s daily terrorist briefings have made him more aware of the dangers we face as a nation. By allowing the exception for “aggressive techniques,” he is providing the same cover for investigators as President Bush did. After all, do we believe that intelligence gathering from these terrorists pulled from the fields of Afghanistan and Iraq is not necessary?

Of course it is. While I do not favor the closing of Gitmo because the so-called “detainees” are prisoners of an on-going war, I believe the new President has acted properly by allowing the loop hole for investigators.

President Obama is going to find it increasingly hard to appease his radical left while working to defend the nation properly. It appears that after only a few days on the job, he is recognizing this.