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March 20, 2009

I'm on KTRH/Houston tonight beginning at 6:05p ET. You can listen live at I'll also be blogging live during the show (as usual)...feel free to email me at:

We'll start with the issue of how the government is using the ability to tax as a punishment for the executives of AIG and bonuses their received. Look, I don't like the bonuses any more than you but it is outrageous that the government would use the taxing ability. This is what we have talked about for years, the democrats love to use the tax code to control behavior and to reward or punish whoever they choose. Because no legal remedy for the return of the money is available, the dems immediately use the ability to tax as an artificial remedy. It is dangerous when the government an single out a group--any group--and write a specific tax code to impose on them....We'll talk about it the first hour and Bill join me at 6;35p ET to discuss it.

Other news Obama reaching out to Iran with a video.....hope it was better than the video of his appearance last night on Leno where he linked his bowling skills to those who have severe disabilities....Personally, I don't think we should be so sensitive with off-the-cuff remarks but had it been a conservative(or President George Bush), the liberals would have gone crazy. The media is hardly discussing it today when it would have been the lead topic. I can see what MSNBC's headline on the bottom of the screen would have said:

"(politician) insensitive remark. Are all republicans insensitive? "

or "Insenstive remark sparks hearing on Capitol Hill"...or... " (republican) insensitive remark could lead to new legislation" ...or "(Republican) agrees to take sensitivity training"...or "Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) calls (republican politician) a disabilities-phobe."

here is another: "Obama's bowling remarks question whether all bowlers are insensitive."

From email: You made coffee go thru my nose with that one. LOL.


You can certainly add some of your own.

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Emails during the show:

James writes...


Everybody is so outraged at the $150 Million in AIG bonuses, but nobody is talking about the $18 Billion in bonuses that were paid to banking industry employees with the first round of TARP taxpayer bailout money. Why aren’t they going to tax them at 90% like AIG? The AIG bonuses are a drop in the bucket compared to the banking industry bonuses and the $90 Billion that AIG gave to European banks with the $170 Billion they’ve received so far in bailout money. Why doesn’t Congress try to recover the $90 Billion that AIG gave to European banks?

Also, today Rush Limbaugh played a good audio clip from months ago of a Congress session in which they were talking about the AIG bonuses. So for Tim Geitner to say he didn’t find out about them until March 10th is a joke.



Kari writes:

Dear Mr. Kellet:
I have never heard of you but you make good points. I like you alot from what you said to that caller. Do you have your own radio show? I agree with what you said. It is unconstitutional to single a certain group of people out and cut their taxes. After all, all people are created equally right? So why does a certain group of people deserve tax cuts? Not all of them deserve it. I'm talking about the lazy people who sit around not doing anything all day. They are leaching off of society. They should not be rewarded for being lazy. It used to be that parents would point out hobos on the street or old run down houses and say, "See that son, you'll end up like that homeless guy if you're lazy, don't go to school and get a good job," or "See that son, you'll end up living in an old shack like that if you are lazy." That doesn't matter anymore because the liberals in congress are making lazyness seem OK by rewarding them. So now, why should anyone work as hard as they can in school, their job, or life in general if the government is just going to bail them out and make it so that they don't have to work hard.
Tell Mr. Berry I love his show. I'm in Horseshoe Bay, TX (just outside of Austin) right now and I've rigged my laptop up to our stereo system at our lake house so my family can listen to his show.



A great song about the "Tea Parties" around America on You Tube. Here is the link: