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March 25, 2009

Got the call from WBT only about an hour before airtime this morning so didn't have time to blog before the program...I'll be on Thursday 9:05-12noon ET and you can listen live at

We had some good conversation today about the role that government is now playing in our lives and how President Obama wants to "remake America." It is something that our founding fathers probably warned against. Americans have learned they can elect people who will "give" them something back from the treasury. It is a formula that will only bring failure to our economic system. Bill Glynn ( was on the air again with me today and he says the national debt, if not remedied, will bring down this country. Do we really believe Obama's plan of spending us into prosperity will work? Take the last few good days with the stock market out of it, the item hanging over our collective heads remains. Here is Bill's latest "rant" on the subject:

We got some good emails on the show today as well:

Sam wrote that we are checking off some of the goals of Communism as was detailed in the congressional record:

Alan wrote:

The Supreme Court shot this down after a balloting vote, I think, in 29 states at over 2 to 1. Term limits is one of the only ways if not the primary way to actually control Government. Basically what we are saying as Citizens, we do not have a King. However, we do live in serfdom beholding to the Lords like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Sheets Byrd. These guys are going to be Senator’s and Congressmen for life. They may as well be Lord’s of their particular States. The only problem with that is they have the power to vote commands to the other states, and to the Citizens that live in those states.


Tim wrote:

Doug,I think if the founding fathers were alive today, they would have already started a new revolution. Unfortunately, we have nothing but tyrants and cowards today.


Other news...

The Treasury Sec. Geitner is quoted today as saying he is open to China's central bank Governor who said we need to drop the dollar and go to a world currency. Geitner was speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations. Perhaps Geitner is one of those who believes more in a global approach. This could be a dangerous turn of events.

Columnist James Hirsen( quoted Vice-President Joe Biden as telling a joke the other day that Dick Cheney left President Obama's birth certificate in his desk. I sure VP Biden would hand it over to us where we can see it. He was joking in the context of immigrants. Let me remind you, an immigrant cannot be President of the United States under the U.S. Constitution.

An Official Pentagon memo this afternoon( says the U.S. is no longer waging a "global war on terror."