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FDR's 6 minute Prayer broadcast on D-Day June 6, 1944

President Franklin Roosevelt once called the struggle in World War 2 the struggle for our "Christian way of life." Like many President's before him, President Roosevelt believed that God was not asleep to what was happening on Earth, and that the prayers of Americans could move him to help. President Roosevelt asked every American to join him in praying for the success of our Armed Forces on the great day of June 6, 1944. Listen to the entire speech via national radio here:

Would the ACLU or the secular left complain about our President calling on God for help if this event were in 2009 and not 1944? President Bush was often criticized for saying he prayed for guidance before sending our men and women into Iraq. Despite what the anti-religious left is trying to do in removing God from our daily discussion, our history is filled with specific events where leaders prayed--and recieved positive answers-- on behalf of what became and what is the United States of America.

On this 65th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe, it is fitting to remind ourselves that FDR called on Americans to pray for victory.

Did the Ancient Jewish prophet warn nations like America about how God views the action of nations? Author and lecturer Chuck Missler has an interesting column called "Hosea can you see?" This article was actually published in 1999 so remember it was written BEFORE 911.
Read it here. It is amazing the parallels of our country to what was written and it isn't a pretty picture:

A more recent article by Chuck Missler called "Twilight's Last Gleaming" shows further parallels. Read the column here:

Now for the news,

President Obama spoke the phrase "Holy Koran" twice and "Holy Bible" once during his Middle East speech in Cairo. President Obama did something he would not confirm nor allow his opponents to discuss during the campaign, and that is his muslim roots. Now, Obama supporters--including a Newsweek reporter who said Obama is "like a God"--say his background makes him the most unique person to solve the greatest issue of our time. President Obama said Israel must accept a Palestinian state alongside (what is Jordan by the way?). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he will answer Obama's speech.

Newsweek Reporter Evan Thomas is the one who made the statement "Obama is like a God." Never in all the years I have followed current events have I heard such statements thrown around about a mere human being. We always hear that the Pharohs called themselves god or that Caesar was worshipped as god by Romans but it always seemed to be ridiculous and silly. Well, modern day worship today is sort of a rock-star syndrome and celebrity. Read and listen to the Thomas comment yourself here: