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I have more than 30 years of news/talk/sports hosting experience including management of stations in Nashville, Denver and Columbus(GA). I often can be heard in some of the largest markets in the US and great stations like KOA/Denver, 630 KHOW/Denver, 600 KCOL/Ft. Colllins, CO, WOAI/San Antonio, KTRH and KPRC/Houston, WLS/Chicago, KKDA/Pittsburgh, WLAC/Nashville, WBT/Charlotte, Fox News/Ft. Myers-Naples, FL, 106.3 WORD-FM/Greenville-Spartanburg, SC and many other stations.

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The President speaking this morning in Egypt didn't disappoint us who believed he would be apologizing for America's involvement in the middle east. Why could we not have a President who goes to the ME to explain recent help to those in need in that region?

1. America liberated millions from a tyrannical regime in Iraq (not a war of choice as President Obama said this morning).

2. America liberated Kuwait (islamic country) from Sadaam Hussein and protected Saudi Arabia at their request. (Not that we focus on the Middle East for oil as President Obama said this morning).

3. America armed the freedom fighters in Afghanistan against the Soviet invaders.

4. America stepped in the situation in Bosnia on behalf of muslims who were being slaughtered by opposing ethic groups in the region.

The President misses an opportunity to properly protect the ideas of America around the world when he suggests that we are breaking the golden rule(as he said). Personally, I do not believe President Obama holds the traditional ideals of the United States. Otherwise, he would not consistently talk about "remaking America." Why does America need to remade?
Doug Kellett