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President Obama's LATEST apology tour and other issues

President Obama is on his second "apology" tour since being sworn in as President. Another trip to Europe to tell the Europeans about how we cannot force our values on them. Since when have been doing that? They kind of liked our values in two different World Wars that liberated western Europe. Don't forget the following cold war that liberated those behind the iron curtain under the control of the then Soviet Union. Why do liberals feel the need to apologize to the rest of the world for America? Reminded me the the quote that Rush played on his show today(Tuesday) from May 18, 2008 from Obama. The one where he talked about us setting our thermostats at 72 degrees year 'round and using 25% of the world's resources while having only 3% of the world's population. That one still steams me because it infers that we are taking something away from the rest of the world. We create 90% of the health, wealth, and protection of the free world and our President sees the need to chastise us for it. President Obama's mission is to bring this country down to the level of the rest of the world and not elevate the rest of the world to America.
Today, President Obama said it is ok for Iran to become a nuclear power because they need the energy. Excuse me? Iran sits on a large share of the earth's oil and natural gas resources. The only reason Iran is moving toward nuclear power plants is to provide their nuclear weapons program with the necessary bi-product.
Other news of the day that is driving me crazy:
Demos want to tax your health care benefits. It isn't enough to tax us what we are being taxed but now the demos--who say they want to improve the health care situation in America--want to tax you to transfer that money to the uninsured. Simply put. You and I will be paying the freight for those who aren't paying it.

President Obama invites Iranians to July 4th parties????
Micheal Moore is thrilled at the demise of General Motors (Government Motors). This says it all about how the libs want to control the type of vehicles that Detroit makes and that we drive. Your SUV could be a thing of the past within 10 years thanks to the Obama administration and Micheal Moore gets it.n Unfortunately, many in America are totally asleep to what this man is doing.

Live Weds morning on WINK/Ft.Myers, Florida from 5:30a-9a ET.

Guest lineup:

6:35am Robert Spencer
7:05am Mark Andrew of "Animal Colony: an Allegory for Today's America." Mark believes we are heading down the unstoppable slide to socialism.

to discuss Obama's comments on Iran/nuclear power today and his offer for Iranians to attend July 4th parties.
7:35am DJ Frost
International Pilot to discuss Air France 447 and the route scheduled for the plane. He has flown that path and it is said to be treacherous. He is based in South Florida.

8:35am Ken Timmerman

to discuss Iran, Israel and North Korea