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I have more than 30 years of news/talk/sports hosting experience including management of stations in Nashville, Denver and Columbus(GA). I often can be heard in some of the largest markets in the US and great stations like KOA/Denver, 630 KHOW/Denver, 600 KCOL/Ft. Colllins, CO, WOAI/San Antonio, KTRH and KPRC/Houston, WLS/Chicago, KKDA/Pittsburgh, WLAC/Nashville, WBT/Charlotte, Fox News/Ft. Myers-Naples, FL, 106.3 WORD-FM/Greenville-Spartanburg, SC and many other stations.

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LIVE TODAY on WAPI/Birmingham News/Talk 100

You can listen live at: today from 3-6pm et (2-5ct Alabama time)

(Reprinted WITHOUT permssion from my buddy Steve Gill's website)  The left keeps saying the tea partiers are all abunch of white people who are likely "racists."  Steve pointed out at his web site that Michelle Malkin's column takes issue with the New York Times doing it.  You see, the entire editorial board of the New York Times is white!

Show Outline:

3:35p et.  Wayne Allyn Root will join me to discuss the tea party movement and the comments by the left that these are "dangerous" people.   Does this woman look dangerous to you?

Wayne is a former Libertarian candidate for Vice-President and writes the daily blog at  He recently spoke at the Nevada Tea Party rally.

4:05p et  Jim Kouri...Vice-Presdient National Association of Chiefs of Police will be on the show to further discuss how "dangerous" these tea partiers are.   It is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the left is trying to connect today's anti-government sentiments to violence.  Jim also writes a daily column for (and links to his latest columns are on the right side of this page).

5:05p   Matt Burke...a lawyer and involved in republican party politics.  Matt will be on with me to discuss these issues:
1.  A Distict Judge last week ruled the national day of prayer "unconstitutional."
2. A Christian group on campus fights to be recognized as other groups are.
3. The NRA is sitting on the sidelines in the gun debate in Alabama and with other states. Why?
4. Alabama's legislature has failed so far in passing a bill that would allow the state to opt OUT of Obamacare.
5.  President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Should we be scared?