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Sen. Saxby Chambliss tells audience Obama may release most of the GITMO detainees within two years!

Lawyer and Georgia republican party activist Matt Burke attended a republican party breakfast meeting last Saturday Dec. 1 with Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss. Here are some highlights as reported by Matt:

1. GITMO- The Senate passed a defense authorization bill, and one amendment, which was approved by 54-41, prevents any funds from being used to move detainees from GITMO. There are differences between the House's version, so that will have to be reconciled, but the White House is threatening a veto specifically on the moving detainees from GITMO. Here is a portion of the Fox News story:

Ignoring a White House veto threat, the Senate voted Thursday to add to its restrictions on President Barack Obama's authority in dealing with terror suspects.
Lawmakers approved an amendment that would prevent the transfer of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to prisons in the United States. The vote was 54-41, with several Democrats vulnerable in the 2014 elections voting with Republicans.
Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., argued that the 166 terror suspects, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-styled mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, should remain at the U.S. naval facility and not be transferred to any facility on American soil.
Responding to Ayotte, Feinstein said the United States not only can but has handled terrorist suspects, with 180 now languishing in super maximum prisons. Feinstein complained that the measure would erase the president's flexibility.
In fact, the administration, in threatening to veto the bill, strongly objected to a provision restricting the president's authority to transfer terror suspects from Guantanamo to foreign countries. The provision is in current law.

Read more:

It is also widely believed that in 2014, when Obama pulls most of the troops out of Afghanistan, that a cessation of hostilities in the War on Terror will be announced. This will be an executive privilege that the commander in chief can declare. Once there is a cessation of hostilities, it is believed that Obama will release most of the GITMO detainees. I would predict that those who were captured on the battlefield but not a part of the 9/11 attacks will be scheduled for release.

2. Fiscal cliff talks- Bullet points

Republicans do not have a unified plan.

Dems not negotiating in good faith.
Prediction right now is that the Dems want to go over fiscal cliff.Obama offer was $1.6T in tax hikes (not 800B as promised), no spending cuts first year, $50B in stimulus first year, $400B in cuts to Medicare but no specifics, plenary power in President to raise the debt ceiling. Sec. Geitner states that spending cuts to tax increases are almost 2-1, Republicans state that Obama's plan spends more than it brings in on taxes.

Revenue is currently 15% of GDP, spending is at 25% of GDP. Last years of Clinton/ first years of Bush revenue was at 19%, spending at 18%.

Boehner stated that he was committed to bringing down the debt.