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March 14, 2009

I'll be blogging live here tonight while on KDKA/Pittsburgh..feel free to email me at

... just about everyone can find me on facebook and also join on twitter...

..story today says that Alaska is the real land of the free in America with New York, Rhode Island, California and Maryland are the states that limit your freedoms the most. No surprise there I imagine. Penn. was #20 in land of the free.

.. great first call from Jim....basically our young people have been taught that capitalism is bad and evil. That is it all based on greed so why are we surprised when they want another form of system?...

...Bill Glynn believes we are bankrupt as a nation. Interesting that China buys up our treasury debt and now China is worried...I'm trying to figure out whether it is good or bad for China if our country goes under economically....

...Personal freedom and taxes go hand in hand in my opinion. The best way to be slave to the government is through unfair taxation. Remember, our founding fathers brought us this country in part as a tax rebellion...

..We had a problem with the Bush administration of calling the enemy what they are...Islamofacists...he used the term one time and quit using it because of so much opposition. Now, President Obama is going to stop using the term "enemy combatants." I named a few possible subsitutes for the President to use(below)...

Jim Kouri had the best line..."the people formerly known as enemy combatants."

..The UN said today they are through with America...can't we tell them we are through with the UN?

It is always nice to wake up to an Obama America....Russian bombers based in Cuba and Venezuela...largest spending by the government in history....more government control of our lives...socialism...
Of course, as a good liberal, B.O. doesn't want his administration to call the terrorists being held as "enemy combatants."

What would he prefer us call them? "Misguided friends?" "Unfortunate Islamic victims?" "Misunderstood patriots?" "victims of American expansionism?"

President B.O. is setting out to fight a politically correct war against terrorists. My good friend Jim Kouri (who will be on with me at 10:05pm ET tonight) has a great take on the issue in his latest column:

It was the best week on Wall Street so far in 2009 but the Dow is still down 49% from it's high and over $3 Trillion in wealth has been lost since Obama won election in November. That may have us concerned but guess who is really concerned? China? Yep, the Chinese own much of our debt(isn't that comforting?) and a news story today says they are worried about our treasuries.

As for the economy, venture capitalist Bill Glynn will be on with me (9:35pm ET) to discuss the growing concern about the situation. His website is:

and he is author of the book "Left on Red."

Lee Boyland will join me at 11:05pm ET tonight to discuss the latest world situation including Russia placing bombers in Cuba and South well as other issues. You can contact Lee at his website: