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I have more than 30 years of news/talk/sports hosting experience including management of stations in Nashville, Denver and Columbus(GA). I often can be heard in some of the largest markets in the US and great stations like KOA/Denver, 630 KHOW/Denver, 600 KCOL/Ft. Colllins, CO, WOAI/San Antonio, KTRH and KPRC/Houston, WLS/Chicago, KKDA/Pittsburgh, WLAC/Nashville, WBT/Charlotte, Fox News/Ft. Myers-Naples, FL, 106.3 WORD-FM/Greenville-Spartanburg, SC and many other stations.

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Guest at 10:05am  Bill Johnson on the Tea Party movement in Kentucky.  His web site is:
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Thomas Jefferson(one of the founding fathers for you public school grads) once wrote that freedom is when the government fears us but TYRANNY was when we fear the government.  Recently, a Rasmussen poll indicated that 64% fear the government.  Jefferson also wrote that tyranny occurs when individual liberty is removed by the government.  There is no question that action by congress this week on the health care bill did that.  So, are we officially now facing a tyrannical government?   I think it is a fair question based on those hate mongers the founding fathers!

"THE POWER TO TAX IS THE POWER TO DESTROY"  -- John Marshall Chief Justice US Supreme Court

(From the article Perfect Storm)

The National Center for Policy Analysis reports as follows:

•According to data from the IRS, the bottom 50 percent of income earners pay approximately 4 percent of income taxes.
•The top 25 percent of income earners pay nearly 83 percent of the income tax burden, and the top 10 percent pay 65 percent.
•The top 1 percent of income earners pays almost 35 percent of all income taxes.
•The top 400 richest Americans [out of 320 million of us] paid 1.58 percent of total income taxes in 2000.
There are $500 Billion in tax increases in the Obamacare family of bills.  The largest tax increase in American history.

The Obama administration today is telling lenders to limit the monthly mortgage costs of those who can't afford the payment. Isn't this what got us into the mess in the first place?  I asked Bill Glynn who often appears on my programs to give his thoughts today about what is going on.  Here is his response:


Well the program perpetually is targeted at the under middle class – the original program failed to meet the target audience although it was up to750k homes. The program clearly needs to include higher end homes (the majority that are underwater) or there will be a massive forthcoming implosion there for certain. In addition allocating money this way is another borrow to spend program that further denigrates our image to the world and expand the federal government with infrastructure and new hires. The healthcare program and others are designed in such a way that the government can begin putting people back to work and providing relief both of which are very dangerous conservatively but clearly there are and will be programs introduced to hedge the declining attractiveness of their party. Remember the bigger the lie the more believable – hence things like the $200b doctor fix was left out of the bill – to misrepresent the CBO numbers and we all know those numbers are predicated on the future prosperity of our nation. The healthcare alone will be $3 trillion and NOW the KEY - immediately get people (fickle Americans) to focus on other things and replace the headlines with threats to leaders, name calling etc.. while the bill was passed - again get attention on something else and this again is a clear way and there will be more to get Americans looking the other way. The Industrial Political Entertainment Complex – and media is the most powerful weapon in the 21st century is fully engaged at giving Americans their opinions. Again if they want your opinion they are happy to give it to you.
“I sincerely believe . . . that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

Thomas Jefferson

Bill's web site is :