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Random Thoughts after GOP Debate last night

The question regarding "evolution" last night at the republican debate irks me. Once again, you can't possibly be a President who questions "science." I would like to see a candidate answer that the creed of the nation as described in the Declaration of Independence(kind of important document for you public school kids who haven't heard of it) says we were created by a Creator and that our RIGHTS come from the Creator and NOT from government. This is a foundational belief of our country. Our republic came from this utmost belief. If people want to debate whether we came from snails, let them but answer that America is a nation who believes that our rights come from God himself.....

btw, for those hammering RP on the SSI is a "ponzi" scheme. It fits the definition. Taking money from new "investors" to pay off previous "investors." No one over the age of 50 would be affected by any change that eventually(and it will) takes place. It only makes sense to give younger people a better option of what to do with the money that is taken out of each paycheck.....

Republicans know that Obama's speech will be so lame tonight they aren't even going to do the traditional "rebuttal."

... thought the republican debate went well last night. Perry, Romney and Bachman all looked like a President. Tonight, we'll see the same 'ol same 'ol from Mr. Speechmaker with no substance B. Obama. What a difference.