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SHOW OUTLINE:  October 8, 2012

6:00-6:30am open various stories.

  • Rasmussen Poll:  Romney ahead 49 to 47%
  • David Letterman suggests Romney didn't pay any taxes and calls him a "felon" last Friday night on his show.
  • Fox News Poll 79%  say Americans should pay some federal income taxes.

6:30p-7p Lawyer Matt Burke. Georgia attorney who has been involved in the republican conference calls on legal strategy for the election.

TOPIC ADDRESSED: North Carolina's role in the election and NAACP concerns over GOP drawn lines.

  • NAACP:  GOP-drawn lines disenfranchise black voters in North Carolina.
  • New poll numbers out this morning.  Ohio, VA, national race.
  • A Philadelphia high school student ordered by her teacher to leave classroom because of wearing a Romney/Ryan t shirt.
  • NC Supreme Court "punts" on student bra search case.
  • Little known case involving the US Supreme Court could stop us from reselling everything we own from grandma's antiques to your iphone.

7:05-7:30p Frank Wuco. Retired US Naval Intelligence officer, Chief Intelligence ops special operations command Central and founder of USCENTCOM's intelligence Red team.

TOPIC ADDRESSED: National Security and terrorism. What happened in Libya?

  • Email discovered on Friday shows that US consultant in Libya asked for additional security.  34 security personnel removed 6 months prior.
  • Did President Obama really miss an intel briefing the day AFTER the attacks?
  • Election results overnight in Venezuela.  Exit polls had Chavez down.

7:30-8am open various stories

  • What are the top five highest paying jobs in the US and average salary? 
  • What are the lowest?
  • Starbucks is moving further into high-tech.  A digital tip function will be added to its mobile application allowing you to tip and pay your bill by waving your phone at the register scanner.
  • Pew research poll says more than half of Americans own a tablet or smart phone.
  • CBS New York reports that racoons are "taking over" NYC.

8:05-8:30a Joseph Klein. He is a Harvard trained lawyer and author of "Lethan Engagement: Barack Hussien Obama, the UN and Radical Islam.

TOPIC ADDRESSED: National Security and terrorism. Who Should be held accountable for the Benghazi cover-up?

8:30-9a open various stories

  • Did you know that taxpayers(us) spent $1.4 billion on everything from staffing, housing, vacations for President Obama and his family?  British taxpayers spent half that amount on the royal family.
  • Jobs report came out last Friday and many wonder if there was some working on the numbers.  Businessman Jack Welch says the numbers do not add up.  Newt Gingrich said on Meet the Press Sunday that what Welch says rings true to people.  A distrust of the administration. 
  • meanwhile, Rep. Mike Kelly told Newsmax that the real figure is more like 11 or 12%.

9:05-9:30a Doug Johnson. He worked his way up in corporate America and by age 34 was CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He is President of G.R. Johnson and Son Consulting which does consulting and coaching work with businesses. He is author of the new book "No Tomorrow's: How to halt America's Imminent Collaspse and return to the American Dream...and why it must start with the 2012 elections.

TOPIC ADDRESSED: The Economy numbers that came out on Friday.

  • Jack Welch's comments on the economic numbers. Can we trust them and does it impact the election?
  • California gas prices are all time high.  $5 a gallon and it is coming to us.

9:30-10a open various stories.

  • Other stories of the day.