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Today's Daily Briefing: Sotomayor overturned 60%

That is according to a story this morning in the Washington Times. What is amazing that she is reversed, with her radical thinking, at a time when the judiciary is as liberal as it is.

Liberal Johnathon Turley blindsided MSNBC's Chris Matthews yesterday in an interview when he said he was disappointed in the appointment of Judge Sotomayor. Turley said that she doesn't have the "intellectual depth." has the full video at

While Judge Sotomayor was hailed as a "moderate" yesterday by many in the media, it should be noted that 60% of her opinions were overruled and many because of her racial bias in the rulings. She is certainly not a moderate in the area of "affirmative action" or as Rush called her yesterday a "reverse-racist." She also isn't "moderate" in the area of environmental issues as you see in a ruling where she sided that fish must be protected from power plants.

A NYTimes columnist went after the republican party saying that Northeasterners are too smart to be duped by the GOP. While there are many good conservatives in the Northeast, we need more to stand up and be counted. The Northeast may have the highest income as mentioned in the column but they also have the higher tax structure which negates any real advantage in usuable income. The column says that people who live in the NE are better educated. This is slightly true but as Clay Waters of the Media Research Center points out, this group also has the least amount of religious faith of any region in our nation:

Then came the regional generalizations, which liberals would have probably considered offensive if directed at any other group save conservatives:
But, Northeasterners are not so easily duped. Voters there tend to be wealthier, better educated, less religious and more progressive than those in other regions.According to the Census Bureau, the median household income in most of these states is higher than the national average. And, a census report released in January revealed that 31.5 percent of Northeasterners had a bachelor’s degree or higher, more than in any other region.The American Religious Identification Survey released in March found that New England had the highest percentage of respondents who said either “none” or “no religion” when asked about faith. Nationwide, the percentage of “nones” nearly doubled from 1990 to 2008. In the Northeast, it more than doubled, and in some cases nearly tripled. “Nones” tend to be liberal and voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in November.

When I'm on the radio in the Northeast, I'm always interested in the fact that many think the rest of the county has it terrible. After all, they don't live in New York City or one of the major NE cities. They only see a coastal United States and the rest of the nation is "fly-over country."
What is funny about this is that when I'm on in "fly-over country" they realize that those who live in the Northeast have it bad. After all, many pay most of their salary to live in a small closet that is called an apartment and have to take a dirty subway to work and back, while many of us live in good size homes, have room to walk around in, and we get to drive our own car to work. I've found each region of the country has its unique advantages. That is why this is more than a country of those who live on the east and west coasts. It is a shame that the NE, however, has lost its religious roots. It was here that many came from European nations and landed on the shore to begin a new life of religious freedom. It was in the Northeast that the Revolutionary War was fought against the Tyranny of the King of England. New England is more like Europe than the rest of the United States and that is a shame.