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Why Judges should not make policy from the Bench

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life." --Judge Sotomayor

The disdain for those who set the foundation of this nation can be found throughout Barack Obama's life and people like Judge Sotomayor. This idea that the country was founded by "old white men who owned slaves" gives license to those who want to disregard the U.S. Constitution. President Obama is on record saying several years ago he believed the Constitution is outdated. Judge Sotomayor fits into the belief system that the Constitution is a "living, breathing" document. That is a libs term for it can be rewritten from the judicial bench. The truth is the Constitution can be rewritten, but only through the amendment process. The Founding Fathers (old White males) wanted the vehicle in place for changes as the country grew but not to make it so easy to change. They were strongly concerned about a tyrannical judiciary which is what we have in America today. Judges who believe they alone know what is best for the American people. Judges who have decided they should --as Judge Sotomayor told a law class -- make "policy."

It is for the legislative branch to make the laws because it is the branch where the people have the most effect on the elected. Many Judgeships, and especially those of the U.S. Supreme Court, are lifetime appointments. This causes many problems as their is little to do to remove the Judge no matter how wrong their opinions are or how much the law is disregarded.

The role of the judiciary in America is not to make the lives of the citizens better (in the view of the Judge) but, instead, to make sure the laws approved get implemented in the proper fashion. This activist view of disregarding law is why Judge Sotomayor was overturned in 4 of 5 decisions that have gone before the U.S. Supreme Court.