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Thursday's Daily Briefing

As mentioned earlier, Obamunism is moving toward controlling executive pay in major corporations and even those that have taken no taxpayer money. A major intrustion into the free market that many Americans seem unaware or do not care. The dislike for much of corporate America lead some to conclude it is fine for the government to dictate terms. This is a get-even approach that appeals to some.

Shephard Smith of the Fox News called those of us concerned about Obama's birth certificate and eligibility to be President "crazies." So, Obama's grandmother and sister are in that category too since they are on record as saying Obama was born in Kenya. If he was born in Kenya, he would ineligible under the "natural born" clause of the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps, Shep ought to do a little research on the issue rather than call good Americans who want to see our core document followed "crazies."

My buddy Lee Boyland answered Shep's crazy comment:

Dear Mr. Smith

,Your liberal streak is showing again. My wife and I are educated, have experience in Washington, and do not consider ourselves to be one of your “crazies.”We have researched the birth certificate issues and found many substantial questions unanswered.QUESTIONS THAT COULD BE PUT TO REST BY PRESENTING THE LONG FORM CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.Instead of a quickly putting an end to what should be a minor problem, as McCain did, the DNC and Mr. Obama have spent millions of dollars defending a question that the Constitution of the United States requires an answer to.The CERTIFICATION of live birth, posted on the internet, has the certificate number blacked out. Based on this altered, questionable document you are willing to turn over the government to a man, a man who has managed to seal all records pertaining to his past.Mr. Shepard Smith, we submit that it is you who is a “crazy.”

Lee Boyland